!! OMG, how dangerous: Baby with cobra !!

This is the first in a short series of “things not to let your kid do.”

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11 Comments on "OMG, how dangerous: Baby with cobra"

  1. OMG, that’s nuts. Thank god that snake could not hurt that baby. People have some pretty crazy customs, harmless or not, they are pretty different than home!

  2. ya’ll need to chill out

  3. Thats right, I'm psycho | April 4, 2009 at 7:07 pm | Reply

    These people have a different culture and think differently then other countries. As for Aaron; I’d like to tie you naked to a stone wall covered in horse shit during the winter, pour water all over your body and shove arsenic laced needles underneath your fingernails. I’ll then take your scrotum and stretch it to the side of your leg and nail it inplace with a shard of glass after I take a cheese grater to it. Once I have collected the bloody mass of flesh I stripped off your scrotum, to humiliate you, I’ll crazy glue your nostrils shut and force feed you your ball sack. If you do not swallow, I’ll hit you mid stomach with a white hot branding iron that says ‘CUNT’ on it. I will then (if you are not dead) put 2 bungee cords through your ears and connect their opposite ends to the horse who’s shit you’re laying on and signal him to take off, thus ripping your ears from your head. After this, I will shove maggots into your wounds, stitch them up, and put you on life support.

  4. I have to admit this video is incredibly disturbing. Though, this brings to light the inhumane treatment of snakes in India. Many snakes are stripped of their fangs by their owners in order to remove the danger while charming them. It’s quite clear in this video, that that particular snake was treated in such a manner- otherwise that child would have been dead after the first strike. This particular tradition is passed on through the family. No doubt that baby is the child of a snake charmer and is being desensitized. It’s certainly very disturbing to watch. (FYI, I do not mean to condone any aspect of this video – just making conversation….)

  5. Wow you people are so racist!! I dont think i saw reactions like this when Steve Irwin took his baby into a pit of crocs. Wonderful to see how quick people are to jump to judgement without understanding anything! That snake is for shows so its been defanged… these people have been snake charmers for generations..they know what they’re doing and its very unlikely that the baby is going to be killed. Typical Western attitude of cultural superiority: react to the pictures without trying to understand the context.

  6. holy shit i seriously almost cried i feel so bad for that poor kid
    i agree that some people should not be accountable for a human life and this literally made me sick to my stomach

  7. The funeral for this baby was today. I posted the news story on my new blog.

  8. when are you going to post me in your blogroll, I want to blogroll you, interested?

  9. OMFG who evers kid that is she be fucking jailed!!! thats so wrong and in humane!! that snake will kill a baby in one bite!! wtf thats not even funny!! People need to grow up and start being responcible… come on… the people in th backround we laughing!!
    so not funny
    – paris

  10. OMG is right! I thought no way could this be real before watching the video. Some people should NOT breed. What’s wrong with these people! And, to think how I am being made to jump through hurdles to adopt a child – unbelievable!

  11. I would like to find this child’s giggling moron of a raghead mother (you can hear the idiocy in the tickled laughter she squeeks out each time the cobra strikes at her infant son), and drive a scaulding hot, serrated buck knife into her eye socket, twisting it up into the frontal lobe of her brain, instantly labotomizing her. Then, I would invite all of her neighbors (probably half of which are HIV positive) to push her deflated eyeball out of the way so they can humiliate her by ejaculating directly onto her brain tissue. If she lives, I would sterilize her with same knife, so she can’t bring anymore kids into the world.

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