!! OMG, how delusional: Drudge Report readers !!

Judging from the polls this morning, just about everypone in the U.S. who watched Sarah Palin’s amateurish minstrel show of a debate performance last night (including, shockingly, a strong majority of Fox News viewers) agrees that Joe Biden was the clear winner.
Readers of the popular conservative mouthpiece blog Drudge Report seem to be the only ones who believe differently. Could it be the provocative Miss Alaska bathing suit footage that clouded their judgment? More likely it’s good old fashioned denial.
If you want to vote in any or all of the major post-debate polls, MoveOn.org has provided a comprehensive list of links.

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12 Comments on "OMG, how delusional: Drudge Report readers"

  1. redeyesmarteye | November 3, 2008 at 6:58 am | Reply

    To everyone else here who think Sarah Palin did not win, well, keep your opinions to yourself, and to those who do think she did, well keep your opinions yours too, everyone can choose who won without being judged that they are stupid or delusional because they saw something the other person did not saw. Frankly, I am not comfortable with her, but hell lot more not comfortable with that Biden dude(biden who?) Unlike his running mate, the charismatic Obama, biden never crossed to the public to someone special…and does anyone really believe that biden is ready to be a heartbeat away from the presidency well in fact, aside from all the stupid gaffes and very thin record in his resume and only a “palmful” of endorsed legislation (look it up!). Obama can run on his own without him. Dont get me wrong, I do not like bush, and i DID VOTE FOR oBAMA, but geeze, dont go harshing about with palin. The mean fact that she is just a newcomer she will definitely have lots more to learn…what’s the excuse for Biden? And frankly, a few months past, this was not the people I really hoped to be the next pres and step up against that bush guy. I really like Hillary and Huckabee matchup…well, anyways, to protect and for the gay pride rights to prevail…I’ll take a chance with OBAMA…BUT NOOOO BIDEN!

  2. LCRTeamSarah!!!! | October 5, 2008 at 10:39 pm | Reply

    Behind the podium to the left of our Sarah was an empty suit. He could have worn a toilet seat as a hat and no one would have noticed. Sarah was debating the caricature that the MSM has been so desparately been trying to establish and she won. COnservatives,asleep since the elections of 2006, have been awakened. We are seeing the birth of one of the most formidable political forces since reagan and, ugh, Clinton (I do not list BHO here since he is lost w/out his teleprompter, but he does read a heck of a speech – just wish Barry could decide on an accent). Here’s to Sarah – may she be with us for decades to come!!!! McCain ’08!!!! McCain ’12!!!! Palin ’16!!!!

  3. i am impressed that the mccain campaign is paying staffers to comment on omg blog!!! franko, you’ve arrived!

  4. When I voted for Joe Biden on Drudge it never recorded my vote. That’s why you see those numbers. It’s a complete drudge…opps… fraud.

  5. I agree with ohguy937. There is some much hype over Obama, that people refuse to look past the fact his so called change will do almost nothing for this country.
    A pretty face doesn’t make good politics. Granted, I agree Palin may not have shown her best side, I figure McCain has told less lies than Obama in the last few months.

  6. as an AVID McCAIN supporter, i have to admit(i don’t want to) that this woman scares the hell out of me. at least that joke obama, has biden if something were to happen to the bozo. her being a heartbeat away from the oval office is something i am really going to have to digest, and i just might have to write in Gilligan for President, obama and him like palin all have about the same expierence.

  7. When Palin said “Nuc-u-lar” I almost threw up.
    Republicans will tow the line no matter what – which is why you have douchebag trolls like “ohguy937” here to stir some shit up. Their brains aren’t even engaged.

  8. Twenty minutes after the debate started, I went to the Drudge Report and what did I see? A poll that (surprise, surprise) had already declared a landslide victory for Palin! Are these voters actually taking the time to listen to the entire debate and hear out both candidates before deciding who won? Or was everyone just quick to judge, breathing a huge sigh of relief that Palin didn’t make a fool of herself as she repeatedly did during her interviews with Katie Couric?

  9. Oh my God, ohguy937, you might be the most delusional person ever. You knew you were going to say Sarah won before the debate even took place. If you pulled your head out of your ass you might have been able to watch the debate. “Um…. white flag of surrender?” Seriously, get a therapist and work out your issues, and then get a tutor and work out your stupidity.

  10. nicestdionysus | October 3, 2008 at 11:21 am | Reply

    It’s funny how Republican scum always seem deluded that Americans can’t see the Rove-ian games covering up the reality. Then again, reality for Rethuglicans is one scary, awful, fear-filled place.
    Last night’s debate had one clear loser: McCain. Get over it.

  11. Um…sorry “ohguy937”, but anyone with even a basic understanding of U.S. politics and successful debating would tell you that Sarah Palin’s performance was completely scripted, frequently off-point, and not at all impressive, except to say that she didn’t completely fall on her face as was expected.
    To validate my point: I’m no liberal. I consider myself to be a moderate on most issues, and I really wanted for Sarah Palin to do well. Unfortunately, she did not. It’s just a shame that people like you don’t explain why Sarah “kicked butt” and instead blame the “liberal scum” for propping up her loss.
    Before engaging in political commentary, it is usually best to at least attempt to sound intelligent if not informed. Only then can anyone take you seriously.

  12. It’s funny how liberal scum always seem ‘schocked’ that Americans can see reality even through the cloudy murkiness of the press. Try as they might to brainwash us from freedom and individuality, the media will always lose. I guess that explains the drastic cuts in ratings, budgets, readers and viewers…but they’ll never admit it. The only people the swine press report to are each other.
    Sarah kicked butt last night! Get over it.

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