!! OMG, now you’re cooking with: Balls !!

Oh just looking at that knife going through the teste on the cover of this cookbook gives me that freshly-kicked-in-the-balls queasiness. I think this is the only time I’ve had sympathy cramps.
Ljubomir Erovic, chef and authour of this book, claims to have been cooking with testes since I was knee high to a pig’s ball.
I’ll admit I like eating balls, but I also like to spit them out afterward and have the guy who’s attached to them buy me a present.
See some dishes from this gut-wrenching book after the jump.


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2 Comments on "OMG, now you’re cooking with: Balls"

  1. I think I’m gonna be sick….

  2. What the hell kind of animal has testicles that big?

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