!! OMG, How Draconian: Colleges adopt new masturbation policy !!

Spotted in the University of Michigan showers. Although the sign turned out to be a prank and not an official UofM decree, I still think it’s a sensible policy! I never understood the jerking off in the shower thing anyway. It seems like something only a lady would think was a good idea.
(From HuffPo, thanks to Andrew for the tip.)

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7 Comments on "OMG, How Draconian: Colleges adopt new masturbation policy"

  1. I’ve never done it in the shower or standing up for that matter. Great prank though! 😉 peace

  2. The best way you can deal with it is to recycle. I think that is the best for our environment.

  3. Um… that sign is a classic college prank.

  4. i still do it in the shower. i need lots of soap and the hot water rinses off the sweat i work up too. a lot LESS messier than anywhere else. i haven’t had a date in 7 years so i need to do it a LOT, lol. and my pipes are clean as a whistle.

  5. It’s not really about showing off. Even the dorms that lacked private room showers had stalls with walls or curtains.
    What are you supposed to so about the mess if you can’t shower? And it’s no dirtier than any body soil. And really, who cums so much that it wouldn’t quickly dissolve. From the white guys I’ve been with, most of you are like Zeus’ golden rain of myth. I mean, if you have to TELL someone whether you came. When I do it, you know.
    LOL, back on track. I guess this would suggest there are so many guys doing it that it builds up and causes plumbing issues? Really? I guess it must clog up the washers too when they do it in bed or use towels, huh? Right.
    This is silly.

  6. i mean, i find that it can be a little CHAFEY. but maybe that’s just me!

  7. Jeez… who hasn’t rubbed one out in the shower? If you can put on a show for your buddies, why not?

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