!! OMG, How Dramatic: Susan Boyle Covers the Stones !!

The Susan Boyle wheel just keeps on turning! Britain’s favorite virginal basketcase with a heart of gold (and voice of a moderately talented angel) has just recorded a breathy, tormented and completely over-the-top cover of The Rolling Stones’ Wild Horses– supposedly to be the first single on her new album. Watch your back, Celine Dion, Susan Boyle is coming for you!
(via Towleroad)

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5 Comments on "OMG, How Dramatic: Susan Boyle Covers the Stones"

  1. Gorgeous version. She can do a great job on show tunes, but agree blues and jazz are her true metier. That woman knows suffering.

  2. after all the laughingstock about her, i think the boyle can finally give a finger to her detractors… she has a really good voice, probably a good one for singing blues or jazz… i didn’t know that and you won’t see me laughing about her anymore… chapeau pour vous miss boyle

  3. How is this “completely over the top”? I’m no big SB fan, but this is actually a restrained version of the song, if you ask me. Good stuff!

  4. Simply amazing. Even if this is not the official first single, it makes me want to pre-order her album on amazon… or maybe be a little extra early at my nearest music store.

  5. In truth, Le Celine would probably do a better job vocally — but I bet she is just kicking herself for not thinking of this arrangement first! However, she’s finally pregnant again, so she probably doesn’t give a shit anyway.

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