!! OMG, How embarrassing: We might be stupid! !!

We meaning everyone except me of course. I am very smart!
Those of you who can read and know how to use a computer might have seen Stupid Fight going around the internet in the last few hours. It’s a clever little web application which calculates– based on science!— the stupidity of various Twitter followers. I have no idea how it works but it’s science so it must be right. Right?
It was with a smug little smile on my face that I used the program to pit OMG Blog’s Twitter followers against the people I was sure were the absolute dumbest idiots on the internet– Justin Bieber fans. Well was I in for an unpleasant surprise! (Click to enlarge.)
The moral of this story, I guess, is follow us on Twitter if you’re not an idiot. And if you’re already following us on Twitter and you’re positive that you’re not one of the stupid ones– which I’m sure you’re not; you seem totally smart from what I can tell from here!– Tweet at us more so we can improve our score. Pretty please? This is a little embarrassing!

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  1. I’d consider following OMGblog if you guys didn’t just post links to stories. I can come to your website for that.

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