!! OMG, What a pervert: 80’s Canadian game show host !!

The whole point of being a game show host is so you can mouth-kiss young girls, right? Right? Fergie Olver, host of the Canadian game show Just Like Mom seems to think so!
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Via VideoGum

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8 Comments on "OMG, What a pervert: 80’s Canadian game show host"

  1. but it’s the dirty homo’s molesting the children, right?! give me a fucking break!

  2. this is worse than the “no white on tv” clip.
    but at least with that one it just seems like a more innocent time, and that we are all jaded now.
    this one is just obviously creepy

  3. This was very disturbing. How could this happen?

  4. FREAK! I can’t believe none of the mothers slapped his filthy mouth. I know I would if he tried kissing my kid!

  5. Ew. Curious as to who said “Dirty Old Man” however…
    I bet this guy has had his share of pedophile criminal history in the last 20 yrs. YUCK.

  6. As often as he tried and as persistent as he seemed, he definitely got kicks out of kissing on young girls. Gross!

  7. Creepy Creepy Creepy

  8. I hope he’s been castrated and is rotting in a jail somewhere very dark.

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