!! OMG, How “Enhancing”: Body jeans by Calvin Klein !!

Great news for everyone in need of a little help down there: Calvin Klein is now selling special rocket-enhancing jeans for men! The new Body jeans by Calvin Klein, which retail for $79.50, promise a “body-defining fit for an enhanced profile.” Well that could mean anything!
Hint: it means the crotch is padded.
According to the New York Observer’s Michael Miller, the jeans feature

A dark wash, with wrinkles around the pockets, leading right to the crotch, an extra layer of fabric around the fly, creating a kind of water bra for your little friend.

It’s a great idea but I’m not sure I see the need for these. Why spend eighty bucks for a bigger bulge when you can just do what I do and stuff two pieces of Pepperidge Farm whole wheat bread down the front of your pants before you leave the house every morning? Guys, it works!
(The New York Observer via The Awl.)

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  1. Someone is in for a real disappointment when the ‘enhancement” drops to the floor…

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