!! OMG, How Useful: Be BullySmart !!

I know I posted something from Everything is Terrible just yesterday, but this video with helpful tips for avoiding bullies is too important for you not to watch. I know that OMG Readers are more likely to be the bullies than the bullied, but for some of our– ahem– feyer readers, the above video will teach you important survival techniques such as:

  • Avoiding inadvertent gangwear
  • Effective hairpulling
  • Nut-slapping
  • Using your copy of Freshmen to fend off attackers
  • Running for your goddamn life

(Everything is Terrible via Videogum. Thanks to Brian for the tip.)

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1 Comment on "OMG, How Useful: Be BullySmart"

  1. lol yeah do any of thoes and you get your ass beat tomorrow …i say a baseball bat always does the trick

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