!! OMG, How Extravagant: The Drag Race premiere party !!

OMG Idol James St. James went to the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race 2 and all he got us was this stupid video!
Actually it’s pretty funny– featuring every F-list celebrity you never heard of, a bunch of vodka and pulled wigs and the courageous activist Chaz Bono.
Incidentally, OMG Blog sent a reporter to this party as well, but special correspondent Bobo has yet to file his story and was last spotted sashay/shante-ing up Sunset Boulevard with an unknown person wearing an outrageous wig and large high heels. In the absence of Bobo’s report, you’ll just have to settle for the St. James version!
(In other news, we’re going to be giving out a few copies of RuPaul’s new book as soon as I figure out what kind of contest to run, so get ready to be a winner!)

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3 Comments on "OMG, How Extravagant: The Drag Race premiere party"

  1. This video would make a good “how gay are you?” quiz. The more pseudo-celebrities you know, the gayer you are.

  2. Hi. I’m the first to comment on this post. For that, I believe I deserve a free copy of RuPaul’s new book. Don’t you admire my spunk?
    I await receipt of my prize. Thank you for your generosity.

  3. Oopsie! I went but I hid in the corner with my fellow Sad Fag Friends the whole night and so had little to report! But I was exceedingly grateful for the deliciously complimentary ABSOLUT-brand vodka cocktails on hand, brought to us from Drag Race show sponsor ABSOLUT! Thanks ABSOLUT!
    See? I’m good at journalism.

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