!! OMG, shut them up: Celebrities for good causes !!

Yes, yes, I know it’s good to Help Haiti, but can’t rich celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis, Mr. Jon Bon Jovi and Her Majesty Susan Boyle just whip out their novelty-sized wallets and write some huge check instead of ruining a perfectly good song?
I know it’s a stretch to call REM’s Everybody Hurts a “perfectly good” song. But while it’s certainly no Radio Free Europe, at least I used to be able to sit through it with puking. Not anymore! I’m daintily wiping the chunks off my face as we speak and the song’s only halfway done. (OMG, shut UP Rod Stewart!)
This is all to say no more charity singles. No, they don’t know it’s Christmas and even if they did they probably wouldn’t care cause who thinks about Santa Claus when they’re f*cking starving? Do they know it’s Groundhog Day? Do they know the Sex and the City movie premieres in four months? NO! “They” don’t give a shit!
If celebrities want to help, maybe they should make an actual (anonymous) donation like everyone else instead of using tragedy as an opportunity to pimp themselves out one more time. Also this song is egregiously bad. The end.

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12 Comments on "OMG, shut them up: Celebrities for good causes"

  1. The truth is the famous want to help, the pity is they don’t just want to help. It seems they only help if it’s convenient. If you donate in this way it’s like saying to a drowning man “hold on till the cameras get here, I promise to jump in then”.

  2. Yes,
    I agree. The song is horrible. It’s a bad idea for a charity single. However, I never liked the original to begin with lol.

  3. I agree with Bmad. Also, how much money do you honestly think Haiti needs?

  4. Celebrities are perfect. I love celebrities. Blah, blah, blah. I agree with you Bmad, this song is an atrocity…and for chrissakes Mariah, stop confusing heavy breathing for singing! Save it for Nicky baby.

  5. Yeah this is bad fosho. The instrumentals sound like they were created on a computer instead of using actual instruments. weird. Plus it sounds bad when they are supposed to be singing together and you have people like Mariah pulling the “I’M SINGING LISTEN TO MY SCALE ABILITIES.”
    “:No, they don’t know it’s Christmas and even if they did they probably wouldn’t care cause who thinks about Santa Claus when they’re fucking starving?”
    LOL I say this to myself every Christmas..

  6. i TOTALLY agree. a group of celebrities like that could essentially finance the entire reconstruction of haiti in cash!

  7. I’ve been reading OMG for about a year now, and while some posts I loved, others were, “eh”, but no big deal…but this post? How fuckin’ ignorant can you be? Where is your donoation to Haiti? And another poster said, How do you know these celebs DIDN’T give anything anonymously?

  8. You need to check yourself at the door or change your tone. Being current or forward does not mean you should be bitchy and ignorant.

  9. What is wrong with you man? Hating on charity like this? I listened to the full song and it’s not really that bad, I kinda like it as a matter of fact. And besides how can you be so sure that these celebbs have not given donations yet aside from the proceeds of this song, Are you a celebrity accountant now? Have you yourself donated anything?

  10. Hey Chad! We can agree to disagree! But a few questions:
    1) Do you agree that this song is an atrocity?
    2) Do you believe they know it’s Christmas?

  11. I think this post is completely ridiculous and couldn’t disagree more with it. I think it’s ridiculous to assume that none of them donated and that it is simply some attempt to be in the spotlight. I would rather a celebrity use their fame to draw attention to something than to shut up and do nothing at all.

  12. aw man, don’t hate. people need aid, no matter which form it takes.

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