!! OMG, How Fanciful: My Little Ponies Play Geek Dress-up !!

Get ready, Paradise Estates! There’s a new batch of My Little Ponies headed for the pasture… and these ones are kind of scary.
Thanks to a dedicated and possibly psychotic subculture of extremely geeky ponyfans with Dr. Frankenstein-like dedication to pony experimentation, the world is now blessed with My Little Ponies fashioned after every manner of nerd idol. Above, you surely recognize My Little He-pony; after the jump you’ll find some other creatively modified Ponies, including My Little Batgirl and Catwoman Ponies, Kill Bill Pony, and my personal favorite, My Little Cthulu. Run for your lives, Earth Ponies!

Even more modified Ponies are at BuzzFeed

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