!! OMG, How Homosexual: Video Games! !!

We’ve come a long way since closeted “brothers” Mario and Luigi took their first chaste plunge down the pipes. While the saviors of the Mushroom Kingdom have always been too uptight to consumate their forbidden plumber-on-plumber desires, the rest of the video game world is coming out of the closet. Check out the hot elf on knight action Bioware’s new Dragon Age: Origins. It’s not exactly NSFW, but beware: it is very romantic!
I can’t embed the video, so head on over to Queerty to see it. (Note: Legolas fetishists may want to lock the door first.)
Thanks to Linwood for the tip!

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2 Comments on "OMG, How Homosexual: Video Games!"

  1. you need to have more “he’s naked….” posts!

  2. Just played past this part last night. A second time yields a more intense (clothed) kissing scene, but no longer shows the sex.

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