!! OMG, How liberating: Gay marriage the magazine !!

With the oncoming deluge of gay marriages, look for our marriage-minded brothers to start thinking about what’s really important when it comes to betrothal. No, not love or commitment, or even equality. Everyone knows that marriage is all about rings, tuxedos, registries and elaborate centerpieces!
Now there’s a new magazine called EQUALLY WED out that promises to help rich gays spend as much money as possible on their orgiastic carnivals of commitment. Because we gays can be “equally” as annoying as anyone else planning a wedding! In fact, as gay men, it’s our political imperative to remind the straight establishment that we’re important cogs in the wedding-industrial complex.
Yay! Bring on the gay bridezillas! Because the most important right is the right to be just as tacky as straight people.
[Equally Wed via Gawker]

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