!! OMG, how lucky: Easter Miracle Bed !!

A bed for sale in Australia, which carries a “miraculous image” of Mary and Jesus in its wood grain, will apparently heal your cancer and give you babies. That is, according to THIS eBay listing:

This miraculous image was found when the bed was being wiped down for its next home with another relative.

Since then we’ve had a grandchild boom, 4 girls and 2 boys, all perfect.

As for myself, the bed has been back here for a year now as I needed the superior back support after a fall and though I’ve recently undergone many tests for cancer, I am now diagnosed as fit and well, so this bed has been my own EASTER MIRACLE.

And it will only cost you $200,000AU! Or $4,000,000 if you simply must have it now. The best part of the deal is that shipping is free! But hurry up! There are only a few hours left to bid on the bed. See the image of Mary and Jesus after the jump. I seriously thought it was a bloodstain for a good 10 minutes.
Thanks to Daniel for the tip!


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6 Comments on "OMG, how lucky: Easter Miracle Bed"

  1. Looks more like a VAGINA to me

  2. Looks like a twat to me.

  3. TBH – I really did not see what I was supposed to see. Only when I took my mind out of the gutter, did I see the miraclulous image.

  4. I wonder if the miraculous powers affect the fucking?

  5. i cant see a thing!
    but it dosnt look like its in the grain it looks like they burn it on
    they did a shit job too

  6. Um, I thought it was a va-jay-jay.
    Even so, Mary and the baby Jesus are on the headboard, like, watching you conceive? Ew.
    So, what happens if the gays buy it? Do we conceive, too, or just shoot farther?

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