7 Comments on "OMG, how mesmerizing: Senju Kannon"

  1. lol that was awesome… but awesome from only one small line of seats in the theater tho! sucks for everyone who’s at an angle.

  2. actually, they are Chinese artists, amzing, I’m proud of them, cause I’m a chinese too!

  3. I worked with them during Deaf Way II in Washington DC. We did the opening ceremony for the event. They did their famous thousand arms and my group (Wild Zappers) did our hip hop dance number. What amazes me the most is that they’re capable of doing thousand hands to “Back to Life” and “Jazzy’s Groove” by Soul II Soul.
    They are also amazing in the backstage. HEH. Memories.

  4. “Those are spirit fingers; THESE are spirit fingers!”
    That’s pretty neato.

  5. They’re actually a Chinese troupe. They’re performing as Avalokitesvara, or the thousand-arm Bodhisattva (also known as Quan Yen). It’s good shit.

  6. The even cooler part is they’re all deaf… that’s what amazes me.

  7. Wow! That was hypnotizing!!!
    It looks more like something from Thailand than Japan, though clearly on Japanese TV. Love it!
    Pumpkin Man

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