!! OMG, How : Michael Jackson impersonator charged with being a molester !!

Reports CBS News:

A Michael Jackson impersonator has gone “Off the Wall,” say Michigan police who have charged the 22-year-old with molesting an 11-year-old boy.
Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said Friday that Ricardo West of Allen Park has been charged with multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct, using a computer to commit a crime and accosting children for immoral purposes.

Some people will stop at nothing to get in character!
[CBS via Jezebel]

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7 Comments on "OMG, How : Michael Jackson impersonator charged with being a molester"

  1. This is a very bad joke or whatever you wanna call it. Michael Jackson was not found guilty and he never harmed a child. He was a loving, caring, genious, inspriring man who wouldn’t dream of hurting anyone.
    And as for this guy, he’s wrong for what he did and should be punished accordingly, but being a MJ impersonator has nothing to do with it since Michael did no such thing. All of you MJ haters to get a life because your agument is invalid.
    Peace, love, and one white glove. 🙂

  2. into character, you can go to hell. slamming michael after he is gone. this is the first and the last time im on your dusty blog.

  3. did CBS news just make a pun in a child molestation story? does no one else find that a little inappropriate?

  4. It was all about promoting a soft drink!!! But I loved the video.

  5. That kid in the red jacket IS Alfonso Ribeiro, aka Carlton from Fresh Prince and ? from Silver Spoons!

  6. I was molested by Micheal Jackson | April 19, 2010 at 4:14 pm | Reply

    @ lindah: Duh because that is Carlton from Fresh Prince fame!
    I am confused as to why they linked a Pepsi commercial to this story. Makes one think they didn’t have anything better to show. For one I feel that if you have a link or video it should pertain to the story in some way.

  7. that kid int he red jacket looked a bit like “Carlton” from fresh prince??

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