!! OMG, It’s Coming Back: Friday Night Lights !!

The gayest-ever show about football is returning to the airwaves! Although Friday Night Lights has been known to go completely off the rails for long stretches, it has never skimped on the mancandy. My wish for the upcoming season is for dream daddy Coach Taylor to start an illicit and highly nude homosexual relationship with one of his young football-playing charges and for Connie Britton’s Tami Taylor to embark on a career as a drug addicted showgirl. Will my dreams become reality? I have no idea, but maybe the above preview for season four will give some clues. (But probably not.)
UPDATE: Oopsy! This promo is actually for the run of the fourth season that will begin airing May 7 on NBC. It already aired on DirecTV!

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  1. Let’s be clear – Friday Night LIghts has never gone off the rails. Not for one moment, and certainly not ‘for long stretches.’

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