!! OMG, how mysterious: Two feathers in the mail !!

Yesterday I received a black envelope addressed to me in silver gel pen from one Nina Sayers in Beverly Hills, CA. It contained two feathers, one black and one white, that is all.
This smacks of a publicity stunt, but for what? And how the hell did Nina find my home address? Creepy.

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8 Comments on "OMG, how mysterious: Two feathers in the mail"

  1. its a stunt to promote the movie black swan other bloggers recieved a letter as well

  2. Well in days of yore, the white feather was sent as an insult meaning the recipient was a coward and there should be a duel at dawn. 😉
    Good thing it wasn’t that, eh?

  3. Molly, you in danger girl! When Sophia received a black feather in the mail on “The Golden Girls” it was part of a curse!!!

  4. Nina is the main character in the upcoming film Black Swan. The movie is story of a girl playing in Swan Lake require playing both the good swan (white) and the evil swan (black).

  5. I wouldn’t worry too much, if anything “creepy” is related to this it cant be that bad as a white feather usually symbolizes purity, clear communication, and luck, while the black father is often used for protection, warding off of ill omens, and the release of negativity. So id say your alright. The fact that someone unknown sent that; however, is a little strange.

  6. Hint. It’s for the upcoming movie Black Swan… starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.

  7. ummmm are we talking about the same nina sayers from black swan ( personally cannot WAIT to see that movie?)

  8. its a publicity stunt for “Black Swan”…Orlando Sentinel also got one…

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