!! OMG how painful: Self-Tattooing !!

The webmaster over at MY BODY STORY has made a New Year’s resolution to give himself a new tattoo every day of 2008.
He writes:

My New Year’s resolution is to give myself a tattoo every single day of 2008. I started on my left leg, finished it will read ‘TRUTH IS GOD.’ The first T I did is so so horrible, but it was a learning experience, and I can say the first T has character.

He has already had a couple of infections, but is keeping on with his plan. Track his progress as he posts on HIS BLOG. Also scroll through the posts for lots of inked boys.

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3 Comments on "OMG how painful: Self-Tattooing"

  1. I love that.. very personal! I branded myself a few months ago with a music note, and everyone thought I was nuts! But it looks great I think.

  2. My cusin gave himself a tattoo of the Superman symbol on his leg.. Yeah ouch.

  3. The few infections should have bought him enough clues as not to keep on. This kid is leaving himself open to infection running into his blood stream.
    Good Luck kid.

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