!! OMG what a good waste of time: TTS !!

I know this ain’t new, but the old “Text-to-Speech” computer gag is a good waste of a few minutes. First, CLICK HERE to launch the online converter. Then type your name, and then a bunch of swear words, and then make it say them over and over again. Then type your cubicle-mate’s name followed by “stinks” or something along those lines. Now try the different accents and make it pronounce unpronounceable things like “Worcestershire” and so on.
Good. Now while you’re distracted doing that I’m going to tape a picture of Rihanna to my speaker and make her tell me how cool I am and how jealous she is of me and how slender my legs are.

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3 Comments on "OMG what a good waste of time: TTS"

  1. With judicious use of accent marks, and a little creative spelling, you can get the Spanish voice to speak pretty good Latin.

  2. I made the voices read the lyrics to “Downtown” by SWV.

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