!! OMG, how patriotic: VMAN !!

Over the long Memorial Day weekend, Hedi Slimane and Nicola Formichetti shot the cover of the September Issue of VMAN, featuring the winner of the 2008 VMAN Ford Models search, Petey, and the two runners up, Adam and A.J.
Work that flag, girl!
(via Nicola Formichetti)

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8 Comments on "OMG, how patriotic: VMAN"

  1. jesus, get over it. there’s always something to complain about. some guys are skinny and some guys are meatier.
    i’ve noticed that americans generally tend to have a single-minded view of the type of people they are attracted to. The rest of the world seems more open to different body types and looks

  2. Hedi Simane is obsessed with thinness. I personally don’t care for that gaunt look — but to be fair, the runner up AJ doesn’t look as anorexic in other angles — then again, he didn’t win either.

  3. “girl”… really? The midwest is still lagging somewhat behind the coasts on popular slang, but girl had already gotten tired here around the turn of the century. I hope its not making a comeback.
    And Trabo, I agree with you. It may partly be the camera angles, but I’d like to offer them each a chicken breast and a cookie.

  4. THAT is the best they could do in searching for a new model??? These ‘guys’ look like they need a telethon, not a modeling contract! Pathetic!

  5. OMG, anorexia! The fashion industry is going to create the same pressure to illness we see in women. This is sick stuff!

  6. Quick… somebody buy those poor things a hamburger!! There’s no time to lose!

  7. ewww wtf?

  8. They look anorexic.

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