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Now back to business:
Albert Maysles – one of the brothers who documented Big and Little Edie at their East Hampton bramble-pot in the film Grey Gardens – has two daughters who have put together a book about the ladies. The book, also titled GREY GARDENS, is compiled from letters, pictures, and transcriptions from the Maysles’ audio recordings of Big and Little Edie Beale. Rebekah and Sara, the authours, also lived like the Beales for a period while writing the book:

At one point in the editing process, Rebekah and Sara holed up in a house north east of East Hampton for three months, working non-stop and taking breaks only to feed themselves or walk to the store. “We actually lived in this house on the ocean in the middle of nowhere and we’re like these two crazy sisters,” Rebekah explains. “The house was supposedly haunted,” Sara says, adding, “But we had only one cat.”

You can read the full review on THE MOMENT and buy the book HERE.
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