!! OMG, how randy: Kevin Spacey !!

Highly private actor Kevin Spacey was seen getting highly private with a male friend’s ass in public recently, and there’s photographic proof!
See the NSFW photo after the jump.


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8 Comments on "OMG, how randy: Kevin Spacey"

  1. Kevin Spacey is so fucking hot. I would do him in a second! I think it’s the cleft chin that gets me.

  2. it kinda looks like he is going in for something else.
    or like some sort of orgy. cause he also looks like he is putting those fingers somewhere.

  3. Hmm. Now, what is this?
    Yeah, Kevin Spacey is hot in that secure in his shit kind of way.
    I am still trying to figure this picture out….

  4. agree for some time with the hot comment!

  5. Bobo, I’m with you 100%. I think he’s really hot.

  6. I agree Bobo. I think he’s pretty hot too.

  7. I know I will get roundly booed for saying it, but I think Kevin Spacey is totally hot.

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