!! OMG, she’s not the mommy: Sarah Palin !!

There is compelling evidence that John McCain’s running mate, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska (pictured above right), has told a teensy little lie: She claims she is the mother of what is most likely her unwed teenage daughter’s baby.
The photo above shows 44-year-old Sarah in March 2008 when she told the media she was seven months pregnant (which came as a huge surprise to literally everyone, including her staff). Thinking she just naturally has those pregnant Heidi Klum proportions (minus the belly)? Think again. Here she is in 1989 when pregnant with her older son:
This could be my favorite political scandal ever. Get the complete run-down over at the Daily Kos.

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14 Comments on "OMG, she’s not the mommy: Sarah Palin"

  1. the article or whatever it is isn’t up on Daily Kos anymore… it has disappeared… typical

  2. your source is Daily Kos??? PUH-LEEZE!!! This is rubbish and you are doing nothing but spreading ugly rumors that have no basis of truth in them.

  3. Seriously, this makes you look silly.

  4. It has not been “proven” that the baby is Palin’s. They have yet to produce a birth certificate or any valid documentation that would “prove” it. Moreover, her actions when her water allegedly broke were incredibily suspicious, as was the timing of her daughter’s months-long case of “mono.” So, we have a choice- either Palin is a liar, or she is absurdly irresponsible, enough so that she would take an eight-hour plane trip AFTER her water broke, even knowing that she was premature and that the baby would have special needs. Either way, it doesn’t look so good. You CAN attack families when they prove the candidate’s hypocricy and irresponsibility.

  5. you need to delete this! it has been proven incorrect and makes us all look like idiots to have it spreading like this! this election is too important to make light! PLEASE REMOVE THIS!

  6. The baby she just had is her own and couldn’t be her daughter’s as her daughter is still 5 months pregnant.

  7. bogus political agenda BS…and you fell for it.
    Now her daughter is 5 months pregnant..
    …and the baby son had Downs
    make political attacks based on political platforms not on attacking thier family….just like Barack told the press today!

  8. you pathetic people stop at nothing do you? Anyone with half a brain knows that Daily Kos is chock-full-o-nuts!

  9. Bloggers everywhere are calling it “Babygate,” which never fails to make me laugh.

  10. Unfortunately, this has been proven untrue, I wish it were because well, I’m a Gay American Man and will move out of this country if, McCain and Mrs. Fluff and Suff win.

  11. She actually announced before you put out this blog that her daughter is indeed currently pregnant.
    I suppose it is possible that Trig was her daughter’s baby and the daughter is pregnant again or that they are trying to cover up the original pregnancy with this one and “something” will happen before another baby can be born.
    That reeks too much of conspiracy theory for me, though.
    Regardless of who had the baby, the fact that the daughter is currently stated as being pregnant seems to show a failure to properly instill certain values that religious types like to go on about. Like abstinence/no sex before marriage.
    There are, however, better reasons to be going on about regarding why the Republican party doesn’t need to win this election.

  12. It gets better.She’s just announced that her 17 year old daughter Bristol is 5-months pregnant. Yup they are 100% scandal ridden Republicans.I just wish they’d stick to screwing up their families and not their country.

  13. It’s already been announced that it is her baby as her daughter is pregnant right now.

  14. things that make you go hmmm….

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