!! OMG, how repentant: Jim McGreevey !!

Now that he’s in the middle of a messy divorce, I can see why King Henry VIII’s Episcopal church seemed appealing to former NJ governor/current gay Jim McGreevey, who recently converted to the faith from Roman Catholicism. What I’m not so sure about is McGreevey’s motive for joining the seminary.
You might not know the Episcopal priests are allowed to have sex, unlike Catholic ones, which is appealing in itself, but extra appealing for McGreevey could be that they are also allowed to have gay sex. But really, wouldn’t it be easier to have gay sex and not become an Episcopal priest? It’s worked for millions of other people.
Whatever the reason for this sudden change of plans, I wish Jim McGreevey the best in his quest to find himself, the Lord, or whoever he is looking for.

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