!! OMG, how easily stumped: Beauty pageant contestants !!

Ask a beauty queen: “Recent polls have shown 1/5 of Americans can’t locate the U.S. on a world map. Why do you think this is?”
(Thanks to Doug P. for the tip!)

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11 Comments on "OMG, how easily stumped: Beauty pageant contestants"

  1. She’s the 2nd biggest dumbass retard in America so she should be the next USA President.

  2. “Ah, excuse me but is this a piece of your brain?”

  3. Gosh, damn these lack of map stores around the US. We should map stores in south africa so at least THEY know where the US is.

  4. awww I kinda feel sorry for her. Be nice :S

  5. Mario Lopez is totally gay-face laughing at her at the end there.

  6. What the hell type of question is this for a pageant?
    She had to mummble through it because she probably knows the real answer – American’s are pretty stupid when it comes to geography. Was she supposed to say the education system is so backwards and the amount of understanding kids need in America is the bare minimum?
    Isn’t her question supposed to end with the answer “World Peace”?

  7. i’m from south carolina.
    thanks, lady.
    she does sound like she’s gonna explode though…

  8. Was this a beauty pageant or the US Presidency she was contending for? I never heard anyone dance around a simple question like she did. Maybe she has a hearing problem or maybe the bleach she used on her scalp was a tad bit too strong. She should go party with “George W” and he can teach her how to just flat out lie instead.

  9. How in the world did Mario Lopez keep from laughing his a** off during her answer. He deserves an Emmy Award just for that!

  10. Well, she isn’t up there because she has a 180 IQ folks. The better question to have asked would have been to have asked HER to locate the United States on a world map. I doubt she could do it, let alone find her own state on a US map.
    I realize she was probably very nervous and probably isn’t good at speaking extemporaneously, but just damn. What an embarassment.

  11. OMG! She’s so stupid! How can a person say such things and not die?

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