!! OMG, dumb dumb: Boris Johnson !!

Conservative candidate Boris Johnson has won the mayoral election in London, UK (I blame Madonna), but don’t worry, he is a purebred “compassionate conservative” in the vein of George W. Bush. Just look at the conciliatory tone he takes when speaking about black people:

He caused deep offense after labeling members of the Commonwealth “piccaninnies,” a derogatory term for black people; referred to Africans as having “watermelon smiles”; and likened his party’s internal conflicts “to Papua New Guinea-style orgies of cannibalism and chief-killing.”

And the following truly original observation about gay marriage shows his depth as a thinker:

Johnson’s scorn has also been directed at gay marriage, which became legal in Britain in 2005. In his book “Friends, Voters, Countrymen,” he said that if homosexuals could marry, then why not “three men, as well as two men; or indeed three men and a dog.”

Doesn’t it all just make you want to move to London and buy one of Johnson’s shitty books? I really do blame Madonna.

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6 Comments on "OMG, dumb dumb: Boris Johnson"

  1. Isn’t that Darrel Hammond doing his Trump impersonation?

  2. Borris is a great guy and the best thing that could have happened to London. Ken ‘Congestion Charge’ Livingstone was sn idiot with no vision. Borris just likes provoking people but he will make London safe again x

  3. Is it me or does he look like Rowdy Roddy Piper?

  4. He’s really not that bad, a lot of his comments are taken out of context. At the time of the gay marriage comments, his party line was against it, but they changed their minds a few years later. At least he’s not a bible maniac.
    And for people of his generation, saying piccaninnies isn’t that bad, I know my parents didn’t find anything wrong with it. Why is it wrong to say Africans have watermelon smiles (he was mocking the fact that world leaders go there and are greeted by very poor, smiling people just there for show), and yet it’s ok to say Cameron Diaz does?
    He doesn’t hate immigrants, he was born in Turkey and his wife is half Indian. I don’t think he hates anyone, he just never thinks before he speaks. And as far as Papua New Guinea goes, don’t they eat their dead relatives’ brains there?
    Anyway, the last mayor said a certain Jewish reporter was like a Nazi concentration camp guard, so they’re all pretty bad.

  5. Even though Madonna earned $72 million last year, she can’t afford pay the congestion tax to drive her Mercedes Maybach, her two Range Rovers, her Audi A8 and her Mini Cooper S around London. Maybe she can use one of the private jets that shuttled her between cities on her last tour.

  6. I’m so tired of hearing: ”why not a man and a dog”…

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