!! OMG how illiterate: Conservapedia !!

KEVIN KNOWS has uncovered one of the most insane and scary things on the internet.
The idiot’s answer to Wikipedia: CONSERVAPEDIA!
Kevin found the following passage (which is longer than a usual OMG post, but it’s so shockingly archaic and biased that I can’t not post it all):

In respect to the issue of homosexuality and choice, given the existence of ex-homosexuals and given the existence of human cultures where homosexuality has apparently not existed, the position that homosexuality is ultimately a choice in individuals or at the very least can be a choice in individuals has strong evidential support. In addition, given that the homosexual population has significantly higher rates of many diseases and the homosexual population also has significantly lower rates of various measures of mental health it can be strongly argued that engaging in homosexual acts is a bad choice for individuals. Another other factor that makes engaging in homosexual acts a bad choice for individuals is the significantly higher rates of domestic violence in homosexual couples. In addition, according to experts homosexual murders are relatively or quite common and often homosexual murders are very brutal. Also, the homosexual population has a greater propensity to engage in illegal drug use.

Conservapedia!? Have you been reading my diary entry about the weekend I chose to become gay, went schizo drug-clubbing, and then murdered my life partner using a board covered in nails?
If GodTube and Conservapedia ever join forces we’re f*cked.
Remember this when you vote, dear American friends.

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6 Comments on "OMG how illiterate: Conservapedia"

  1. Reading that ‘educational, clean, and concise’ article was one of the worst-wasted 15 minutes in my life.

  2. Only barely literate, inbred freaks read that shit. Ignore it! Don’t give it any more traffic.

  3. Thank goodness there’s no domestic violence happening in any straight homes!

  4. Conservapedia is obsessed with the gays. Check out their site statistics. The top ten most viewed pages are:
    1. Homosexuality‎
    2. Main Page‎
    3. Teen Homosexuality‎
    4. Arguments Against Homosexuality‎
    5. Homosexual Agenda‎
    6. Ex-homosexuals‎
    7. Homosexuality and Choice‎
    8. Homosexuality and Anal Cancer‎
    9. Homosexuality and Health‎
    10. Homosexuality and Smoking‎

  5. I’m pretty sure the reason “homosexual murders are relatively or quite common and often homosexual murders are very brutal” is because of the assholes who write this shit…

  6. gay people will not be fucked if godtube and conservapedia unite…these are just self-righteous people/groups/organizations “casting stones” at anyone that will not conform to its ideals which in reality is only about “deflecting” from its own deviance, “condition love” and inability to accept anything different from them. the homosexual community should think about setting up a homopedia defining itself and sharing its own examples of people like this and how dangerous they are…cause the violence, drug taking, etc in the gay community is highly driven by these fuqas in the first place lol…

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