!! OMG, what strange ideas they have: Gay marriage opponents !!

The doomed marriage equality bill in Connecticut was more of a political exercise than anything, considering Republican bitch governor Jodi Rell promised to veto it should it pass. However, some good came out of it: mostly laughs at the expense of the dummies opposing the bill. Make sure you watch the video to the end when the “dolphin man” speaks.

I would like to point out that more than one person in the video cites Canada as a dark place of oppression. One woman said, “If I lived in Canada, I would not be able to speak freely.”

And another:

I live in Canada, but we do not have freedom to even dialog and hear different perspectives on this issue. So I do appreciate your opportunity to have freedom of speech. We do not have this in Canada.

Perhaps what they mean is that since same-sex marriage is already legal nationwide in Canada, the debate has ended and they do not have a public forum to voice their ill-informed bigoted views, but to my knowledge no Canadian would keep them from actually speaking (I might mock them ruthlessly on my blog, but that’s not stopping them, and I’m also not really Canadian).
(Thanks to Mike for the tip! Video via My Left Nutmeg)

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8 Comments on "OMG, what strange ideas they have: Gay marriage opponents"

  1. What an idiot. Everyone knows that free speech is not protected in Canada. You are fascists.

  2. Haha it’s so true that there are gay people out there who hate gay sex… I know because I’ve been unlucky enough to have dated some of them.

  3. This is the snowball that will turn into a rolling mountain and consume every gay person in its path. These people want to create an environment of hatred and bigotry all to appease their “religious” beliefs. If we don’t fight now, we’ll not have the strength to fight later.

  4. Oh. My. God.
    Thanks so much for posting and sharing this video. The ignorance of these people is astounding. And, sorry, but those who oppose gay marriage do in fact hate gay people. If they didn’t hate gay people, they wouldn’t be opposed to us getting married!
    BTW, I did Google the story about the woman “marrying” a dolphin. It was a British woman who went to Israel, not Australia, and furthermore neither the woman nor the dolphin are campaigning to make their “marriage” legal. The implication that same-sex marriage will lead to polygamy, polyamory, bestiality, etc. is disgusting and just plain ignorant. NO ONE is advocating marriage to animals. NO ONE is advocating for polygamy, well, outside of the Mormon community at least.
    Polyamory is already alive and well in the heterosexual community. Hell, the GOP contenders for the presidential nomination are full of them! Giuliani, McCain and Gingrich are all confessed adulterers and serial monogamists! These men have all been sexually involved with multiple partners while being married to only one of them at the time. If that isn’t polyamory, I don’t know what is. Quite a sick bunch on the GOP side.
    The marriage-to-animals argument is weakest, because of course no animal can give its consent and therefore no marriage contract can be made. Of course, the primary reason of bringing up such a fake argument is to denigrate the love that same-sex couples have for one another by comparing it to a perverted attraction towards animals.
    I will repeat: If you don’t have a problem with gay people, you don’t have a problem with same-sex marriage. Only those people who hate gay people oppose same-sex marriage. Either gay people are equal or we are not. It is that damn simple.

  5. ….ridiculous D;

  6. Regarding the Canadian wing-nut, I think she may actually be referring to the fact that Canada has laws against hate-speech. Thus, she’s probably trying to make a belabored point about the fact that she can’t say “We don’t want faggot marriage!” without being hauled-off to the crazy-house.

  7. I have never before been embarassed to say I grew up in Connecticut. I am now. (For what it’s worth, Southern Connecticut – Fairfield County, specifically, is much more enlightened and better educated.)

  8. I was in love with a dolphin once. He wanted to run for public office. I didn’t think it was right that a gay dolphin ran for public office. So I left him. I am glad to see that other people share my views. But I really miss him. He lives in Canada now, and isn’t allowed to speak. Ever.

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