!! OMG, how chummy: Jake and Austin !!

Jake Gyllenhaal and Austin Nichols are still gazing into each other’s eyes at basketball games! That’s no big news, but I like this photo. Also not really surprising, but interesting nonetheless is the account of their romantic date last weekend from TMZ:

… this past Saturday, TMZ spies spotted Jake and Austin in Los Angeles, having a quiet dinner at Jar restaurant. The two eluded having their pic taken by paparazzi when they escaped through the kitchen’s backdoor.

And you might also like to know about their day of “hangin’ out in the trailer”:

Jake was spotted in San Diego last week, visiting the set of HBO’s pilot “John from Cincinnati,” where his pal Austin Nichols plays the lead. Gyllenhaal arrived and was immediately escorted to Nichols’ trailer, where they spent most of the day. Austin left the trailer only to grab some grub for the two from catering tables.

Wait, Austin only went out to grab some lube? I think the jig is up!

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3 Comments on "OMG, how chummy: Jake and Austin"

  1. I am glad they are keeping the reationship going. They always look so happy together.

  2. Can’t 2 men just be friends without being “gay”? They probably had been toking in the trailer and Austin lost “Rock Paper Scissors”. Unless I missed something, um…, SO FUCKING WHAT?!!!!? Did you hear that the Bush Administration Broke The Law?

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