!! OMG, How Romantic: the gay You Belong With Me !!

I usually hate this kind of shit, but this romantic gay crush video set to Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me is actually kind of cute and heartwarming. Let’s face it– I would follow Ms. Swift anywhere.
One caveat: while this video is totally nice about the whole fag thing, I’m sad to report that– like so much of Hollywood’s output– it is extremely glassesphobic. If you are part of the glasses-wearing community (including friends, allies, and those questioning their eyesight!) you might want to avoid it altogether.
(Thanks to Carlos for the tip)

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8 Comments on "OMG, How Romantic: the gay You Belong With Me"

  1. Glassesphobic? I wear glasses and I’ve never herad that term before, nor did it bother me in this video though now that you mention it I know what you’re talking about. It’s a movie cliche to take off your glasses like that, especially at the end, and I think that’s what they were playing to. totally adorable video IMHO

  2. The boy with the glasses looks like Rachel Maddow.

  3. This made me throw up a bit in my mouth… call me bitter if you must…
    I shall share with you what has made me feel slightly bitter. This exact same comment is “pending approval” on the actual video… I am guessing it shall never be granted approval, which is ironic, because I thought us fags were all for dissent…

  4. She’s the new Miley Cyrus, and that’s a fucking indictment right there.

  5. This made me tear up. OMG Sooo good. Thank you for finding this 😀

  6. Yeah….but I hate fucking Taylor Swift!

  7. OMG how cute was that…..If anyone out there knows where I can find more of these please let me know….That was so sweet.

  8. Aw! Cute! But I fucking hate Taylor Swift.

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