!! OMG, How Self-Serving: Kelly Killoren Bensimon’s Anti-Bullying PSA !!

From her mysterious Fortress of Gum Berries in the land of Unicorns, Cartwheels and Lollipop Fun, the completely sane Real Housewife Kelly Killoren Bensimon has decided to courageously speak out on the topic of “sytematic bullying!”
Because “whether you’re 10 years old or a 40-year-old woman, four against one is not okay!”
Thanks Kelly! It must have been tough for you to take time out of you your busy schedule of eating candy, beating up your boyfriend and running nude down Fifth Avenue to provide us with this moment of self-serving sanctimony! I love getting my morality lessons from crazy people!
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3 Comments on "OMG, How Self-Serving: Kelly Killoren Bensimon’s Anti-Bullying PSA"

  1. No, she is not “crackers”! It is obvious that Kelly is suffering from real mental illness. Sad, but true (I at least have enough training and experience to get worried). Napavalleygirl says she fears for the kids. I don’t exactly fear for them, but I am really worried for them, as growing up with a mother like that is really tough and confusing and they probably feel embarrassed by her often. They would probably be much better off if they were living with their dad. I sure hope that they see their dad a lot, as that would make a big difference for them, they need to have that sane other person which will make a difference in their feeling of being safe and secure and also get the right balance and have a good role model. I really hope that people close to Kelly will do the right thing, e.g. contacting her MD to explain what is really going on, so s/he can do what is needed to get her help. Most likely she has no insight into her own mental health herself, and is convinced that she is in good health, only stressed by being treated horribly by other people. She seemed quite convinced when she said she was afraid that Bethenny would kill her and that she had tried to kill her before… That is a quite tell-tale sign of serious mental illness. Her perception is not working right because of illness and she needs medication to get things right…

  2. Napavalleygirl | June 11, 2010 at 12:59 am | Reply

    It’s like her brains are scrambled, or she’s got scrambled eggs for brains. She’s the most unaware person on TV. It’s really sad, her girls are embarrassed by Kelly. The moment that made me sad was Teddy said “you work so hard for us mommy”, Kelly responed, “You think I’m hard on you?” How does a child communicate with a mother who misunderstands 99% of what is said, and when the mother communicates 50% of time she’s unintelligible?
    I fear for the kids.

  3. This chick is just CRACKERS!

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