!! OMG, how sensitive: Castration Debate !!

Europeans are now debating the merits of castration for sex offenders:

In the Czech Republic, the issue was brought home last month when Antonin Novak, 43, was sentenced to life in prison after raping and killing Jakub Simanek, a 9-year-old boy who disappeared last May. Mr. Novak [pictured above], who had served four and a half years in prison for sexual offenses in Slovakia, had been ordered to undergo outpatient treatment, but had failed to show up several months before the murder. Advocates of surgical castration argued that had he been castrated, the tragedy could have been prevented.

Some sex offenders even want to be castrated because they don’t want to have the urges anymore. LITTLE CHILDREN anyone?
And they’ll castrate a chipmanzee for THROWING ROCKS, but let a kiddy-diddler keep his doodles?

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5 Comments on "OMG, how sensitive: Castration Debate"

  1. If castration did away with all sexual desire I would be castrated in a second. I hate lusting after men, I hate the fact that sexual desire has ruined my life, I hate being gay.

  2. Castration does nothing to reduce the urges. If the courts and judges had the common sense to lock them up for LIFE after the very first offence instead of giving them a second or third chance (or more, depending on how stupid the judge is)there would be no need for castration. If they have the urge to re-offend, having no genitals would not stop them, they might use their hands or foreign objects – such cases have happened. As a gay man, I am personally offended by child molesters because they give people like me a bad reputation – despite being in the new millennium there are still fuckwits who think ‘gay’ and ‘molester’ mean the same thing and we get unfairly painted with the same brush.

  3. There is plenty of documentation, real science, that castration doesn’t stop the urges, and doesn’t stop re-offending. It will stop erections unless the guy gets synthetic testosterone, which isn’t that difficult. After a few decades of very public discussion of it, doesn’t everyone know yet rape is about power and domination way more than sex? Would it be any better if a probably angrier castrated pervert raped children with a beer bottle instead of his dick before killing them? Of course not. This is real life. Solutions are rarely so simple as ‘cut off his balls!’.
    Also, we’ve had man after man released from death row in the USA after DNA tests proved they were innocent. If mistakes are made, you can’t uncastrate a guy. Regardless, it shouldn’t be necessary to return to the fucking dark ages to deal with any kind of criminal.

  4. I am all for castration of sex offenders. Only problem though is that I do not believe the desires will be rid off by doing so. Sort of like animals. If done at a very young age preferably prior to the first sign of puberty, early enough to have major hormonal consequences thus squelching desires. Done after puberty and it is a bit too late because the signal has been implanted into the brain then instinct becomes set in. Not all eunuchs are impotent. Some are still able to get an erection and still perform sexually.

  5. He has already is serving a lifetime in prison. That is punishing enough because he won’t be able to go out and molest. If he has those urges, he can see a counselor inside the prison to learn how to handle those episodes of urges. I think castrations does nothing. It is all in the head.

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