!! OMG, what a douche: Josh Homme !!

Josh Homme, lead singer of Queens Of The Stone Age, is apparently a homophobic asshole who likes to berate teens at his concerts. If this video doesn’t convince you of his doucheyness, watch the compilation after the jump.

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12 Comments on "OMG, what a douche: Josh Homme"

  1. I’m the author of that video, and I have to say: wow! You got it all wrong!

  2. he overreacted way too much. his anger is justified though. being a musician myself it really does piss me off when people throw things up on stage. and i have called them out on it, but never like that, and i don’t throw anything back.
    he was sick, it was cold, but i have heard he is a bit of a douche. oh well. i’m still willing to give him another chance. the rest of you should too.

  3. Maybe he’s just mad he’s a fire crotch?
    Idk, he’s douchey.

  4. bryaninaustin | March 13, 2009 at 10:38 pm | Reply

    Yeah. . . this guy is a major a-hole!

  5. What a self-important cunt this guy is. I hope somebody throws a God Damned brick at his fucking smug face and fucks him up forever. Fuckin asshole.

  6. Great screamin’ ghost..what a douche nozzle. If god was to give the world an enema, he’d stick the rectal tube through this ass. Way to pump up your name and make a buck.

  7. I am a poof and I still like him. I mean he’s being typical rockstar and I don’t think there was any really evil or prejudice intent behind it. I mean he did say he’d butt fuck him..LMAO

  8. He is a douche for throwing an object to that kid, anyways. If I was Madonna I wouldn’t throw some object to a person. Come on. That’s assault. If the kid said ‘faggot’, so be it. Ignore!

  9. Gee whiz Josh, overreact much? Douche-a-saurus.

  10. Damm that guy is sick. Rick you must be deaf to say he not very homophobic. You must not of played the second video. That comment he made, “..if you want to fight go to an gay bar..”. In other words go beat up gays. That one comment is all is needed to to know what an idiot he is. Plus that comment he said about beating up girls made me think he and chris brown should form their own band.

  11. I doubt hes homophobic. He just really really hates hecklers. But yeah hes deff a douche. Doesnt mean ill stop buying his albums though. great muscician with a bad personality seems to be the norm now.

  12. Didn’t seem very homophobic.. he said faggit once.. did seem very douche like though. That was a prime example of mob rule.. if he would of said to beat the shit out of him, those people would of done it. I was fearing for that child’s safety.

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