!! OMG, how shameful: NBC opts for Kris Jenner’s boobs over 9/11 moment of silence !!

*Cue finger wagging* See what happens, NBC, when you’re the only network not observing a moment of silence on September 11? You get mocked by the Internet. Because instead you chose to run The Today Show‘s boob-job interview with Kris Jenner. *Palm to forehead*
Watch the video here.
(Thanks, Kevin!)

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7 Comments on "OMG, how shameful: NBC opts for Kris Jenner’s boobs over 9/11 moment of silence"

  1. as menina e gatas de hoje dia e para frete quero ter uma namorada gata safada sexual

  2. Still not sure what all the fuss is about since NBC lost all credibility as a source of news a long time ago. Right now its programmed by a bunch of 12 year olds with a taste of circus performances being billed as news. And the whole story about Jenner’s boobs are not so amazing after all the factory where she brought hers also stocks models which are bigger and nicer than the ones she settled on. If you have the money and the low esteem anyone can get a boob job so what is the big deal?

  3. Vid already not available.

  4. Correct, this family typifies what is wrong with your culture and because they get more airplay on youth oriented media, you are planting nasty seeds for the next generation to follow.
    Respect, moral and social virtue and community values do not make headlines and therefore are not interesting role models.
    The vacuum that is left allows the shallow and empty lives of all of your celebrities to fill your tabloid media with their crazy antics and anti-social behaviour.
    All that is left is to make drugs, assault weapons and other dangerous but glorified products freely available and you have a society that is self righteous, self indulgent and chaotically unstable. Crazy people + Weapons = Trouble
    But at least you have your freedoms.
    Your legal system is based on a “a reasonable person” – a definition which has obviously broadened over time as your society grows. What is reasonable today would actually shock the original society from whence the law was formed.
    This event is a reflection of those changing values and rather than be outraged at the family, perhaps you should collectively look at why you are allowing such poor role models the air time and the money.

  5. Would it be totally inappropriate to take out a Facebook Page to generate a fund to hire a hitman to take out the whole Jenner/Kardashian Tribe?
    This is one of things that the rest of the world hates about the U.S.
    Of course, this is sarcasm and I am NOT serious about resorting to lawbreaking violence to silence these clowns, but they remind me more of some twisted family you might find on Rod Serling’s ‘Night Gallery’ then as a typical American Family struggling in today’s economy, while this selfish group of people remind us of what is so wrong in this culture.

  6. I don’t care what the occasion. I’ll always favor a moment of silence over listening to her!

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