!! OMG, ‘it’s just an illusion’: Jake Shears on his struggle with body image !!


“If I seem comfortable with my body it’s just an illusion. I’ve absolutely fallen prey to the age old trope of the queen who’s obsessed with becoming some sort of porn star look alike. In some ways I’ve become exactly what I stood against when I was younger. Am I proud of that? Not particularly. But I think it’s because when I was a kid, and that includes my twenties, it was something I always wanted but wasn’t really able to have. I’m much happier feeling like a man than a boy. But strangely I’ve had three separate people tell me in the last week or so that I was like Peter Pan. I like getting older but I’m not really too keen on growing up.”

— The Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears talking to David Mixner about the perception that he likes to get naked and show off his body

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5 Comments on "OMG, ‘it’s just an illusion’: Jake Shears on his struggle with body image"

  1. Ummm 34 is not middle age.

  2. So that means then that all of his peacocking around onstage and the so frequent nude shots that show up online are “accidental” somehow? That he isn’t an exhibitionist? Please. This just makes it sound like he’s someone who’s *wishing* to be Peter Pan, trying to stay the twink he once was instead of the lucky-to-be-well-preserved middle-aged man he is now. We should all be so lucky as to look like he does now, but some visual modesty from him would help him seem believable. And the porn star bit? Just ‘cos he’s keen on being sleazy doesn’t mean he has a dick the size of a donkey’s.

  3. bdc: says everything short of explicitly calling jake shears ugly
    bdc: “be OK in your own skin”
    ^ Shallow gay is shallow. Thank you, bdc, for making it expressly clear why Mr. Shears–and various other gay men–have body image issues. We’ve got the outside world tearing us down already. Maybe we could try not to do it to each other?

  4. You tell him, autonomous internet commenter. I’m sure he’ll read this and be shamed.

  5. Don’t stress Mr. Spears…..
    You aint all that….and you never will be. The
    way you strut around on stage is foolish…and it isn’t sexy.
    Your body isn’t at all hot. Relax and own it, be OK in your own skin.
    You will never look like a porn star…Seriously.
    Whom ever said you were like Peter Pan….they LIED….haha……get real…they were just blowing smoke up your ass.

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