!! OMG, how specific: Gay hip-hop blind item !!

Which rapper is denying the gay rumors? I don’t know anything about rappers, but I was intrigued at how this new gay blind item was so generous with the details:

This successful rapper has drawn headlines in the past over his alleged homosexual acts. Since the start of his career rumors have swirled that he plays for the other team. However in a recent interview, when asked if there are any misconceptions about him that he would like to clear up he immediately defended himself calling the rumors nonsense. This particular MC burst on the scene with a catchy tune that had everyone using his trademark accent. However after three albums his celebrity star has seemed to have fallen.

He had a bitter battle with another popular rapper and even accused said rapper of shady business practices. He has since resolved all issues with said rapper. This particular hip-hop star has created a female fashion line, which has further spread the gay rumor.

No matter how much he tries to deny the gay rumors theres a certain tattoo that seems to haunt him when people see it.

The buzz flying around is that it’s either Chingy:
Or Nelly:
Or Bow Wow (or rumored-to-be-his-boyfriend Omarion):
They all look pretty gay to me. (via Queerty)

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12 Comments on "OMG, how specific: Gay hip-hop blind item"

  1. Chingy fits all descriptions…i know rap music to the T, and it is him.
    …just c’mon, have you seen this queen smile? lol…gurl puh’leeze already lol

  2. It’s L L Cool J.
    Total Homo Thug. I know people who were with him. I know people in an emergancy room who attended to him. I’ve been in his limo…believe me he’s GAY!
    I also agree with some others that many are gay. Usher, Nelly, Chingy….the list goes on.

  3. its NELLY!
    he’s the only one with the women’s fashion line ‘apple bottoms’
    btw, someone mentioned usher, he is not a ‘rapper’ he sings 😛

  4. Gotta be Chingy…even though Nelly had “Hot in Herre,” Chingy really had the weird pronunciations with “Right Thurr,” and OMG, I hate both those songs.
    And why oh why am I home on a Friday night, and this is the second blog post on two different blogs that have concerned Chingy!? He must be gay…

  5. it’s definitely chingy.
    the trademark accent would be from his first song, “right thur” and the bitter batter with another rapper was with ludacris.
    chingy used to be on luda’s DTP label, but then they had a big falling out.
    i haven’t heard about the tattoo though…

  6. I dont know which one it is, but I propose that I have sex with all three of them, and let you all know which one was that most gay.
    hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?

  7. what about Penis diddly ?.. and the gayest of all, usher ?! come to think of it, are there ANY str8 rappers ? methinks they’re all on the down-low.

  8. I always thought Nelly was gay. I mean, isn’t it obvious, just by his name?
    I’m not familiar with the others, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they all were gay.

  9. I don´t know anything about any of them but that Chingy one is the only one I can picture with a dick in his mouth. Not mine though, too much metalwork. ouch.

  10. It’s totally NELLY.

  11. its either ching or nelly. But im going with chingy on this one. I heard this about him before. He also has a tatoo on his neck that says Daddy.

  12. Personally the only rapper that comes to mind when you wrote that he is haunted by a tattoo and had a feud with another rapper is The Game. Now as far as I know he doesn’t have an accent but he recently had a tattoo of a butterfly on his face covered up with the L.A. symbol. Also at one point in time he had a clash with fellow rapper 50 Cent. As far as the other guys you listed I don’t listen to their music of follow them very closely so I don’t know who has a tattoo of what. just thought i might add my 2 cents, I love your blog BTW.

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