!! OMG, it’s real: Highway to heaven !!

To some, it’s called I-35. To others, it’s God’s Highway! Just ask the folks at Heartland Ministries, who have had “prophecies, dreams, and visions” telling them just that, and even further, I-35 has the power to heal addictions and, wait for it… Gayness!
Harnessing the power of this holy Interstate, the Christians at Heartland Ministries hold “purity sieges” outside of gay bars, trying to convert the patrons (and touch them… with their hands).
James Stabile is a self-described recently converted gay who describes his experience simply. He was on his way to the bar, and some Christian guy asked him, “Have you ever felt the presence of God? Would you like to?”
Then the Chrstian “laid hands on him; he was hit by the power of God. Stabile felt God moving in him then.”
This all makes me wonder if it happened out in front of the bar or in the backroom. (via Feyfriends)

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6 Comments on "OMG, it’s real: Highway to heaven"

  1. It was funny until they proudly took credit for breaking up a serious couple. That was ridiculous and offensive even for the 700 club.
    How’s this for prophecy? I take 35 all the time to go to my friend Isaiah’s house. We’re both big ol’ atheists, and I’m still gay. Suck it, Pat.

  2. these people are beyond crazy, i watch them and i can’t help but laugh. i can’t believe people are so stupid to believe shit like this.

  3. please, tell me those people are actors… we don’t know what to expect? girl… a lot of crazy people! the divine highway to holyness? yeah sure, the oneway to psychiatric hospital… loved it though,… i want some fire too… :p

  4. And these are the people who are currently running our country. Pretty f’n scary.

  5. oh please! you cant pray the gay away people take your crazy somewhere else

  6. i’ve driven on i35 and there was no holy ghost flying around attacking gayness.

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