!! OMG, how striking: Ellen’s Porn-Star Doppelganger !!

Over at THE SWORD, they’ve noticed that gross twin porn stars Dean and Dave Resnick are dead ringers for a certain talk show host. It’s the soccer-mom flip-out hair that really clinches it.
See more proof and some NSFW pics of the gross gross gross twins after the jump…cause I know you’re gonna look them up if I don’t show you so I thought I’d save you some time.

twins Resnick 89.jpg
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13 Comments on "OMG, how striking: Ellen’s Porn-Star Doppelganger"

  1. I actually used 2 see them @ the club all the time in st Paul mn i thought they were hot and didnt think of the Ellen thing i heard they were in playgirl and i looked for them online

  2. They are hot:great bods,lovely skin & absolutely beautifil cut cock! Id do em both at once! Ok,the hairs wrong,but beach boys are hot!!!

  3. they (the twins) are repellant. there is nothing attractive about them. i am totally gay, and i would have as much interest in doing ellen as i would boning either one of these toxic twins.

  4. I’m just glad that the Nelson Twins have a career to fall back on after their failed music career.
    But don’t ever show them again, thanks.

  5. I don’t get it, why are they gross? Because they’re twins and have sex with each other? Puh-lease people, grow up. I knew a set of twins back in high school who everyone knew were totally boning each other. I thought it was awesome. >D Now, who says their cocks are small? Oh man, I bet you’ve never really seen a small cock have you? ::rolls eyes:: what I do agree on however, is how that face indeed does look better on Ellen. :p

  6. I could be wrong; but I think the reason these guys look so weird is because they really aren’t suitable to be blonds. If you look at the carpet and even just the brows they’re naturally brown haired. Go back to the hair color they were born with and get a more masculine haircut, I bet they’d look much hotter.
    This is not exactly a news item though — the video has been out a couple of years already, I think. And they didn’t do anything — barely jacked off together, didn’t even touch each other. Totally boring.

  7. nice asses

  8. Wow, even their small cocks are reminiscent of Ellen’s.

  9. That is so creepy, at first I thought it was just photoshopped…but….

  10. The face may be hot on Ellen but I’m pretty sure the cock wouldn’t.

  11. It’s weird how HOT that face is on Ellen and how NOT it is on those twins.

  12. I hope the similarity ends at the waist!!

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