!! OMG, how tense: Rat Staring Contest !!

These brother rats keep squaring off for dominance and neither is giving up easily. I like the big fat guy who comes in at 3:00 and completely takes advantage of the situation.
Thanks to CMS (Link NSFW) for the tip.

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4 Comments on "OMG, how tense: Rat Staring Contest"

  1. How did you get the video of my ex in-laws?

  2. Did anyone notice he has rats of different shades from light to dark. Cream, light grey, grey and blackish.

  3. ok, that was just….

  4. Is it just me or did anyone else find it a bit strange that he has four rats shoved into a tiny cage without food and water? My rats live in rat palaces in comparison. Otherwise as a rat lover I thought this very cute.

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