!! OMG, is it too much?: Kanye’s Mullet !!

Has Kanye gone too far with his style? Is his hair classic or crazy? Is his mullet the new Hammer Pants? StyleCrave has posted THIS LIST of hip hop fashions they wish had never happened, such as Kris Kross’ backwards clothes and Flavor Flav’s viking helmet.
I dunno…I think it all has a place. I mean, where would we be without Kid’s high-top fade?

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3 Comments on "OMG, is it too much?: Kanye’s Mullet"

  1. Looks like Luther Vandross!

  2. He doesn’t look cool. He looks like a retard. This may have been cool back in the 80’s, but it’s been a long time since then. Seriously, he needs to loose the Ape Drape!

  3. Of course it’s not too much, he always looks amazing and I love that his new chick looks like a leftover from Latifah’s Flavor Unit posse. Kanye hits all the right marks.

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