!! OMG, how touchy: High school wrestlers !!

Poor Jerome Hunt. He was just picking on his high school wrestling teammates in good fun and now they’re taking him to court! Since when is it a crime to poke someone’s anus with your finger through their clothes? I think all parties involved in this crazy story are a bit oversensitive, and really from the looks of cute Mr. Hunt, I’m surprised they’re complaining.
(Thanks to Dave for the tip!)

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10 Comments on "OMG, how touchy: High school wrestlers"

  1. Just read that this hottie was found guilty of 7 counts of attempted rape!!! Getting barebacked without lube = rape.
    One finger through sweatpants is just checking the oil. Maybe if he put 3 in and tapped their prostate, they’d calm down & drop some precum & drop the charges.
    You Got to LICK it before you stick it. He should come to Calif where there there is an entire industry that would pay him to do that.

  2. he is hot 🙂

  3. When I was a teacher at a (co-ed) boarding school, one of my advisees was a wrestler. He told me this move when done during wrestling matches or practice is called “checking a guy’s oil.” (Think of how you check the oil in your car.) It’s not legal nor condoned, but all the guys know about it, and do it to shock/intimidate an opponent.

  4. Shout out to all my peeps who learned how to stick a finger into an anus through clothes from new video “Ann Coulter does it best!”

  5. Labia Minora-Majora | March 16, 2007 at 5:50 pm | Reply

    I don’t blame them. I’d be offended too…I mean, am I not attractive enough that he just wantes to poke a Friggin’ FINGER? why not his cock…now that I would LOVE!

  6. If anyone has ever watched the Japanese animated series Naruto, sticking a finger up someone’s butt through their clothes isn’t rape – I think it was called Thousand Years of Death Jutsu or something like that. It was frigging hilarious.
    It’s apparently a big schoolboy prank in japan to do that too.

  7. I realize this is the kind of story that begs for snarky jokes, and yes he’s adorable, but if you read the news story, what he did was vicious and wrong. It may not have been as bad as being “raped,” but it was clearly an extreme violation and sexual assault at least. I feel bad for the victims. I think it proves, though, that if a rapist is hot-looking, it must be all the harder to get anyone to take a victim seriousyl.

  8. if he was sticking a finger in my anus with my sweatpants on, I’d be complaining too! Complaining that our clothes are still on we’re not naked! 🙂

  9. things have sure changed since i was on the wrestling team, however i was only the mat boy. i got poked regularly with more than a finger (tounge finger cock) by several of the teammates as well as the coach. all boys catholic school in the south. i was a member of every team and enjoyed our athelics programs especially the swim team.stroke stroke stroke!

  10. I would have let him! He is yummy

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