!! OMG, how twisted: Documentary film !!

It turns out that maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s exposé of the paparazzi industry is not quite as up-front as it appears it be on first viewing.
“Matt,” one of the subjects of the film, has spoken out regarding how the film was pieced to together and also how he worked with Gordon-Levitt on later projects and remained friendly with him until Gordon-Levitt refused to take Pictures of Assholes (the film in question) down from his website:

Contrary to what Joseph would like the viewer to believe, there was NO chase, there was NO ambush, there was NO harassment and there was NO animosity that night between him and me. I am not even a paparazzo; I am a professional event photographer.

But what about the part where Matt tells Joseph how cute he is??

… the dialogue was scripted, everything from talking about my deviated septum to the flirting (which was really directed at Joseph’s friend Jared as we have mutual friends in the Broadway community) was planned.

They look pretty chummy in the above photo, but I guess we can assume, based on Matt’s statement, that they did not have sex. But if they did, that could explain this whole situation!

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4 Comments on "OMG, how twisted: Documentary film"

  1. Gay Face!! HAHAHAH

  2. If they did have sex, THAT would be a documentary I’d go to see!

  3. Yeah sure, the whole thing was scripted. The guy on the right is gayer than the locker room at the Ice Capades. Can you say “gay face”? (Not that I have anything against gays being one myself)

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