!! OMG, how unfair: Rich parents !!

What’s worse than your parents not letting you move your old “thrift store” furniture into the new $900K penthouse they just bought for you? Perhaps the thought that they might try to pick out the light fixtures too.
I for one would rather live in the suburbs than have my controlling, rich parents tell me what to do with my old, shitty sofa. Who’s with me?
Not Natasha Agrawal, who was just took up half a page in The New York Times complaining how hard it is to be her, yet how she’s still taking the penthouse.
(via Jossip)

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1 Comment on "OMG, how unfair: Rich parents"

  1. You mean her parents don’t want her to bring lice into the brand new $900,000 condo? Oh boo hoo, how bourgeious!!!!

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