!! OMG, how ungrateful: Rachael Ray !!

Anyone who’s seen a photo like the one above already knows that queen of the food show hacks Rachael Ray is one phony bitch, but this latest story from TMZ confirms it. (via Dlisted)
Allegedly, while drunk at dinner in December of 2005, Ray started dissing on Oprah (aka the woman who decided to make Ray a star by giving her a talk show). Ray’s specific comments were in reference to a photo that sits in the lobby of Harpo Productions in Chicago. The photo was taken during the filming of Beloved, and shows Oprah in slave garb with scars on her back.
But Ray wanted to know, “Why is she wearing slave drag? She obviously has problems being black.”
And she didn’t stop there. Later in the conversation, while defending her gal pal Jennifer Aniston, Ray called Brad Pitt a “pussy boy” and Angelina Jolie, a “a skanky, backdoor cunt.”
Oh snap! Of course, the eyewitness who overheard these comments probably just misunderstood Ray, who was undoubtedly nattering on about her grampy from Italy or the merits of eating food from a can.
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10 Comments on "OMG, how ungrateful: Rachael Ray"

  1. I first saw RR on a visit to the States and just could not see why people could not see thru her phony hillbilly downhome trailertrash act … all the face pulling, grimacing and mugging to camera just screamed “FAKE!!!” to me, it was toe curlingly faux gauche to me, her ‘golly gosh darn’ spiel made me sit openmouthed whilst her devotees lapped it up, Americans seem to have lost the knack of smelling BS when it is thrown at them … you soak it up like sponges … the masses question…. NOTHING!

  2. Oh yes tipping 15% and putting the establishment on national TV is totally worthless. Is that really the best argument you could come up with?
    Regarding the initial {allegations} since they are truly hearsay I cant give them creedence. I respect both women enough to realize they are smart enough to cut thru the BS and decide their own relationship. RR was a star before the new show and will continue to be one at its end.

  3. I wounder how many people would really like Oprah if she was not RICH? Someone had to help her get as big as she is too!If someone gave me the offer of having my own show i would do it to!!Rachel really did it for herself.She is the one that can cook,while Oprah eats it up.(food and money)Oprah can make jokes on white people and nobody cares or,they laugh it off like a joke.But let a white person say something and were just wrong.
    We are all gods children and, he made us this way.We talk about our own parents but,we still love them the same.

  4. I never really thought that she deserved to get her own talk show. I mean, Oprah probably worked really hard to get all that money and the talk show. Now Racheal Ray is getting it handed to her because Oprah wants a successor or something like that. I know for a fact, Racheal Ray will NEVER be as great as Oprah is. And what she said about Angelina and Brad, I think Angelina is a really great person, adopting all those kids and helping out in Africa and stuff.

  5. How she made it this far is beyond me. The mouth, the attitude, the lack of charisma, I could go on.
    I’m just glad I have absolutely no connection to her!

  6. Well I like Rachel Ray a BUNCH and I dont care too much for Oprah. Rachel was probably just speaking the truth…..but you know, why is it such a big deal anyways. It is only ALL over the net because they are famous people, but if I said something about any of them, you would not see my picture and what I said all over the internet. Give it a break…..people talk and that is how it will be. Who cares what A says about B……or what B says about A…..it’s all probably true or worth the time to lose breath from saying it.

  7. I heard that not a few years ago she had collection agencies after her after running up a string of bad debt. If she did make those comments about Oprah, she will suffer the wrath.

  8. RR should be made to lick Oprah’s toilets clean for the chance O has given her. Although one must question O’s sanity in subsidizing a talk show for someone who has foisted the word “stoup” on the public. RR, you’re lucky O doesn’t squash you like a bug.

  9. well, it looks like she cant afford good publicity staff either if the abortion of a Photoshop job done to this shot is any indication (note that she NO bottom eyelids, and that aint botox that makes her forehad look like that, and compare the texture of her arm-skin to her face-skin).
    Or maybey she is so ugly in real life that her shots really do need that much work!

  10. Anyone who’s seen her old show still being aired on the Food Network could tell her true character by her tipping practices. Yeah, she was doing a show on eating out for $40 a day, but the bitch would *always* leave an insulting tip..way below 20%…like $1.47 on an a $12 meal.

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