!! OMG, How Fake! Turkish “Big Brother” !!

While everyone else was freaking out about the New York Times Afghanistan hostage situation, another more glamorous hostage crisis was going on in an even funner part of the Muslim world! Nine Turkish ladies were recently rescued from imprisonment in the above lavish villa in Istanbul to which they were lured with empty promises of reality teevee stardom. Upon their arrival at their paradisaical prison, they were met with neither fame nor a million dollar prize, but instead were held for months and forced to wear bikinis and dance and fight by the pool while their nudie pictures were sold on the internet. Thankfully they were otherwise unmolested, but this story is really freaking me out because it’s totally the type of thing that could happen to me so easily. If someone tells me I’m going to be on Big Brother, I’m showing up– no questions asked.
(FYI, Frank and I have now been rejected by Amazing Race TWICE. These are the homos they chose instead. Whatever! We love to wear bikinis and fight by the pool, so what’s the problem?)
The full story of these ladies’ rescue from fake reality hell is at The Guardian, via The Awl.

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  1. Your choice of words for the introduction of this entry is absolutely priceless.

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