!! OMG, How Whimsical: Cock-stumes! !!

Does your penis sometimes seem to have a mind of its own? Does it like to wear wigs and sunglasses? And lipstick? Well sure! That’s totally normal!
After the jump, get yourself acquainted with several NSFW (and also deeply weird) cocks who have made their inner selves outer. Warning: fans of The Electric Mayhem may just jizz their pants.


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3 Comments on "OMG, How Whimsical: Cock-stumes!"

  1. That tattoo on his back is something else. I wonder what it says. A shopping list maybe? 😉

  2. the brand of sunglasses are ‘ksubi’.
    it was last seasons styles.
    i think it was titled ‘ksubi for dickheads’

  3. omg how cute lol love the flat top got some shades like those but dont know what brand they are…anyone? 2pic

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