!! OMG, how vintage: ‘Novecento’ nude scene !!

For the longest time whenever anyone mentioned Gerard Depardieu, all I could think of were two movies: Green Card co-starring Andie MacDowell and My Father the Hero, which are perhaps two of the least sexy movies ever made.
The same didn’t necessarily go for Robert De Niro, as he has kept it all together a bit better than Gerard. However, when I finally saw Bertolucci’s Novecento, starring both Depardieu and De Niro as young men, I was not only floored by the hotness of them both, but also by how cruel time can be.
See stills and video of the infamous two-fisting hooker scene from Novecento after the jump [NSFW].

Download video here.
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8 Comments on "OMG, how vintage: ‘Novecento’ nude scene"

  1. I saw this mess. DeNiro was awful in it. He was supposed to be an Italian nobleman and talked like he was from the Bronx. I know he’s not very Italian ethnically but the guy never learned an Italian accent as an actor?

  2. So, you are pretending that in 1976, after De Niro had already starred in several movies including the first Godfather, he needed cash so badly he took a job in a bi-sexual porn film in France? Interesting. He was already living in Beverly Hills at that time, but I guess, if you gots to pay rent…

  3. That’s hot lol. Anyway cut or uncut? I can’t tell from the pic. Depardieu wouldn’t be, being French, but De Niro?

  4. Arkon Crest said “I assume you didn’t see the uncut version that has a scene that would be considered child pornography in the US”
    The full 5 1/2 hour uncut version was released on DVD in the US over a year ago including the completely innocent scene of the young boys.

  5. The link to watch the movie doesn’t work. Or do I have to sign up for an account?

  6. That bitch has two hot dicks in her hand and she looks annoyed? Girls really suck when it comes to foreplay.

  7. I assume you didn’t see the uncut version that has a scene that would be considered child pornography in the US (and probably in Canada)? I saw the movie uncut as a kid on late night German public TV.

  8. Omg that’s soooo hot lol

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