!! OMG, how viral: Robbie Williams !!

Ever wanted to see British pop prince Robbie Williams wearing a plunging neckline and a cheap wig from St. Mark’s Place? Your dream has just come true, as he talks about his identity as a cross-dresser in this fake interview with a Brazilian reporter.
Arjan thinks it’s a viral marketing campaign to promote his struggling album, and that sounds reasonable to me, but maybe it’s just Robbie’s latest effort to make every last fraction of the world population get a boner from looking at him.

Actually it’s a sneak peek at Robbie’s new video for his single “She’s Madonna,” and according to Robbie’s blog, we should be able to watch it any day now. (via Oh La La Paris)

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  1. OMG, he’s naked: Robbie Williams

    If seeing Robbie Williams in a cheap wig isn’t your thing, maybe you’d rather see him in all his furry, naked glory? Reader Clinton sent me some awesome outtakes from his music video for his song “Rock DJ” (watch it above). The stills are taken right …

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